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427 Fitzwilliam Street;

(250) 753-1797

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The Gist : They describe Bocca Cafe as delicious, excellent, friendly, relaxing

  • 665th visitor ★★★★ Very Good 4 out of 5

    Bocca Cafe review on 2017-05-12 17:35:38

    Really like the ambience of this friendly "n" tasty 😋 little coffee shop. The vegan chocolate cake is delicious, as well as the one kind of muffin for vegans. Enjoyed the vegan soup, and sandwich. Hope to see more of a variety of vegan meals, 🍜 plus desserts 🍨 🍮 ☕️ though. There's always a really great selection of music playing. It's an uplifting, fun in re: of the table decor, relaxing place to eat, and socialize with friends. Very Good!!! Will grade as EXCELLENT IF and when there are more varieties of VEGAN hot meals, and desserts. 🌺

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